Canoe journey on the Great Calusa Blueway

We took our 16 foot Mad River Canoe to Ft. Myers, Flordia this winter and did some amazing paddling on the Great Calusa Blueway. It was the first time we had put a canoe in the Gulf of Mexico. We put in at Bunche Beach county park and traveled up to the Sanibel Causeway Island and back. It was a 75 degree and sunny day. Just as we got started we saw an Osprey and I got it on camera! My most fun part was the times I had to pull the canoe through the shallow surf. With the sun and waves slashing it was pure heaven. We learned a lot about the Calusa natives while we were there. On the way back we stopped on the shore and had some sandwiches.

Our normal canoe cargo has two dry bags with 4 towels, jackets, first aid, change of clothes, a pelican case for camera gear and phones. We also have a 45 thrust trolling motor with battery that really helped with the channel crossing. We crossed the channel at the Blueway route but the traffic was heavy. We would probably cross somewhere else another time. Even though the water looks very deep, often the Calusa Blueway is very shallow. The spot where the YouTube thumbnail sits, the water is less than knee keep.

This video was shot with a Panasonic GH2 HDSLR. I prefer the outdoor cinematography opportunities of using a stellar camera like the GH2 rather than say a GoPro, which would make it look more like everyone else. The GH2 has the 88mb/s Driftwood hack for anyone that is curious. The most popular preset in the new GH4, “CineD” (which we use for internet video) emulates the hacked GH2s. This little camera even compared to most of the high end cameras coming out today like the GH4, still makes amazing looking movies.