Clermont Chamber of Commerce “Stay Connected” Video

Fat Dog Video Produced the video “Stay Connected” for the Clermont Chamber of Commerce featuring Jeff Lykins, President and CEO of Lykins Energy Solutions. We are happy to be associated with the Clermont Chamber of Commerce and look forward to seeing them use this video for a long time.

Creating “Flowing in the Tao”

Tai Chi Meditaion Basics

Our vision for creating “Flowing in the Tao” is to help people connect their inner peace with the outer world. This is a co-creating project between myself and Andrew McCart. Andrew has taken the time and energy to learn the ancient art of Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Taoist Meditative Alchemy. The name was inspired from our late mentor Anna Joy Gayheart. “Joyce” was a great teacher of being in the “flow” and so we take great honor in keeping that spirit moving with “Flowing in the Tao.”

Together we have created four films that span a great deal of knowledge in moment and meditation. This project has been deeply satisfying for us both to work on. Andrew’s role has been to write and star in the films while I shoot, direct, edit and create the original musical score. These are the first four of many films we have planned.  Currently, I am working on a film about Primordial Chi Kung with full instruction.

Andrew_Headshot_2Andrew is a Full Instructor of the Healing Tao Association of the Americas. Over the last 12 years, Andrew has studied the Healing Tao system in depth with 11 Healing Tao Senior Instructors on three different continents. He holds black belts in three martial arts and is a student of multiple healing modalities, including Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, Acupressure and Medical Chi Kung. Andrew is also a professor of Organizational Leadership at Purdue University and is pursuing a PhD in Public Health.

Our trailer for all four films. Relax and enjoy.


Tai Chi Meditaion BasicsChi Kung for Strength and VitatityTaoist Keys to LongevityTaoist Yoga Routines

New Commercials for Leicester Carpet Sales

Mike Teeters provided video production services via camera operation, direction, lighting & location sound for 3 new commercials airing on WLOS ABC in Asheville, for Leisester Carpet Sales located in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. These commercials feature the owner’s adorable young family members. Jeff Taylor provided the script writing and the editing. The on screen portions were shot on a green screen and in the main showroom of the Asheville location as well on location in Leisester.


New Commercials for Bryan Easler Toyota

Mike and Shelly Teeters provided video production services via camera operation, direction, lighting & location sound for 4 new commercials airing on WLOS ABC in Asheville, for NC Bryan Easler Toyota located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. These commercials feature the father / son owner duo and their adorable labradoodles driving the cars. Jeff Taylor provided the script writing and the editing. The on screen portions were shot on a green screen and the cars were shot in front of both the new and previously owned buildings at Bryan Easler Toyota.


Producing “Swords of the South”


Swords of the South, Horsemen of the American Revolution” tells the essential yet often overlooked story of cavalry in the American Revolution.  This is a co-production effort between myself and Dan Murphy via 3d Dragoons LLC.  With in depth interviews, high-speed photography and period music this quality production brings to life the people, deeds and working tactics of 18th Century mounted combat where horse and sabre ruled the day.


“Re-enactors and published authors Lawrence Babits, Patrick O’Kelley, Michael Scoggins and Gregory Urwin tell how horsemen became an indispensable part of the American Revolution and ultimately helped the fledgling American Army wrestle victory from the devastating British war machine.”


Our battle scenes were shot at Cowpens, South Carlina and on a private residence in South Carolina.  I did the camera operation, sound, and editing while Dan wrote and directed.  Great care was taken to find and secure the release of all the imagery in the film.  Our high speed battle scenes are great.


This is a special story, not often told.  Our goal is to have this documented piece of American history shown in every school in the United States of America.


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“Arrow of Moonlight” a photographic journey

arrow tibet

Arrow of Moonlight”  is an expression of vivid imagination.  I was inspired to create a portfolio of 35mm slides online after spiritual trips to Tibet, China, Mexico, and a cross country camping trip across the US.  The site remains a “a journey in earth beauty and heavenly dreamscapes.”


All images on the website were captured on 35mm ISO50 Fuji Velvia Slides shot with Nikon cameras and prime lenses.  Projected, the slides are stunning. As a photographer your approach is different than digital photography.  Your settings have to be right on.  There is no “auto mode.” You take one or two pictures instead of 100.  You wait a week or more to see the pictures.  You get good because you know how to set the camera and frame the camera with very few shots.


My biggest problem was converting the slides which are normally projected to the size of over 6 feet tall, was to fit them on a computer screen.  The colors on the slides are stunning.  Nothing in Photoshop or a computer screen compares or comes close to the vividness and visual dept of the projected slides.


If you don’t know what a “slide” is it is a “positive” image rather than a “negative”.  The actual film that was in the camera is put in a projector and show on a screen.  The result with a slide show is that you are seeing an image from film that was actually at the place where the picture was taken, with no digital processing taking place.  The vibe is super cool, much like listening to vinyl records, analog cool. I have given the Tibet and China slideshow a number of times in Asheville, NC to large audiences.  It’s always fun to field the inevitable question that comes up of how I made the pictures look so good in Photoshop, the answer, of course, always is, I did not. Film like this does not need digital processing to look good!


The 100 images on the website were taken from over 1500 slides.  I chose what seemed to represent the entire collection.  The website is a journey in color healing.

I built this portfolio in 2004. 2014 is the 10th anniversary!  So many times, I have sat down to re-do the entire site but really it is still beautiful so it remains a testament to time.



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A Journey in Earthy Beauty and Heavenly Dreamscapes