About Fat Dog Video LLC

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Fat Dog Video, LLC is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Asheville, North Carolina, USA. We welcome new clients in the Greater Cincinnati area, Columbus, Ohio; Louisville & Lexington, Kentucky, Knoxville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina. We are a husband and wife team hiring dedicated freelance talent.

We have identified a need for responsive internet mobile and handheld video content creation. Our clients are looking to solve their customer’s problems by showing them short video montages of ways to use their products, predominately on their mobile devices. Content marketing, combined with the mobile device is the most effective marketing available today. We solve business’s problem of connecting with their customer by creating responsive mobile device content marketing.

We provide expert advice to our clients in the form of training seminars and webinars performed regularly at key locations and conferences. Our ability to speak publicly about businesses’ challenges with connecting with their mobile customer puts us in the forefront of our field. Business leaders know when they contact us that they are getting the most current information on internet, handheld and mobile video applications and strategies.

About Fat Dog Video’s Owners:


Mike Teeters has a degree in computer science from Miami University and a degree in music production from Full Sail University. His experience includes working as a computer analyst for fortune 500 companies, I.A.T.S.E. filmmaker with credits on blockbuster films, including “The Hunger Games,” marketing companies producing more than 400 television commercials, lighting and sound technician on more than 500 television commercials, a large healthcare company as a media specialist and an IT manager for a technology company.



Shelly_Headshot_Zion_343_WebShelly Teeters has a degree in Business Management from The University of Cincinnati and operated a clinical medical laboratory for 30 years, managed a 30 million dollar business and currently works as a Applications Developer for a medical laboratory, creating and testing critical new IT systems for the healthcare industry.