Top Reasons to use Internet Video on your Website

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Top Reasons to use Internet Video on your Website
by Mike Teeters, Producer, Fat Dog Video LLC

1. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Video is worth millions of words. You can show someone something quickly today with a video that would take a library of books to describe in detail and they may even give up before they got the information they wanted.

2. Nearly half of all internet searches occur on YouTube. People are turning to video to show them information about the things they want to know about.

3. More than half of internet users are on mobile phones. This will soon be three quarters. Mobile phones are difficult to read on. Videos are easier to watch on mobile devices that it is to read.

4. Unfortunately, younger generations are reading less and watching videos more. Your best way to reach younger generations is to cater to their choice viewing of video.

5. You can pack more information in a shorter span of time with video than with words. This goes back to the top reason.

6. Video blurs the line of entertainment and education. Text and words can be very boring unless the writing is purposely entertaining. Even then the person needs to want to read. Video can be both educational and entertaining at the same time, often without anyone really noticing. Video can keep the viewers engaged longer by keeping them entertained.

Mike Teeters is a Producer at Fat Dog Video LLC based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fat Dog Video creates internet video for businesses.
Mike can be reached at His website is