Top ways to use Internet Video on your Website

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Top ways to use Internet Video on your Website
by Mike Teeters, Producer, Fat Dog Video LLC

1. Create an information video about your company or product. Chances are you have written a lot about your company or product. A short video makes it easy for people that don’t want to read to learn about what you want to share with them.

2. Create a video with interesting guests that can drive traffic. This tactic can have a spokesperson or an endorsee. They can introduce you in a way that would seem self-serving or boring if you did it yourself. Their notoriety can bring a different twist or search angle to your website that you did not have before.

3. Make video without your product in it at all. Some companies have entire lines of video that have nothing to do with their product. They often use extreme sports or some other passion to promote their products and do not even show their product at all. The excitement and association generated by these videos really pay off for their brand in exposure.

4. Use text in the video. It’s very strange but people read text when it is presented to them in video, especially when it is simple and large. Text can be very engaging when used sparingly in a video along with compelling images.

5. Entertain the viewers. The real power if internet video is that the viewer can be entertained while they are being informed.

6. Tell the viewer how they benefit, rather than what you do. The big mistake in video is pure information. The spot the rubber meets the road is “what are you doing for me?.” Show your viewer how you are benefiting them.

Mike Teeters is a Producer at Fat Dog Video LLC based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fat Dog Video creates internet video for businesses.
Mike can be reached at His website is