Top things to look for in an Internet Video Production Company

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Top things to look for in an Internet Video Production Company
by Mike Teeters, Producer, Fat Dog Video LLC

1. The company specializes in internet video. This may seem obvious but very few companies specialize in internet video. The lure of big dollar television contracts and corporate industrial video money is hard to pass up for companies with large staffs, big facilities and huge overhead. A company that specializes in internet video lives and breathes all things that is current on the internet.

2. The company has past experience in other areas. While you want the production company specializing in internet video, you also want them to have experience in other areas of video and film production to be able to bring that experience to your internet videos.

3. They have crafted catchy internet videos for themselves. If they can’t make a catchy video to promote themselves, they won’t be able to do it for you. Look over their video demos for videos they made for themselves and see if you like them.

4. They have web video on their home page. Look at the video or videos on the home page of their website. If you click off in the first few seconds, they probably are not keeping your attention. A slider or JavaScript moving picture is not internet video and it seldom motivates anyone toward any type of positive action, nor do they work on mobile phones.

5. The company is marketing what it can for you, not what gear it has or awards is has received. The video and film production industry is enamored with itself and its gear. While the company you ultimately hire should have top of the line gear, their focus should be on what they are doing for you, not the toys they have or awards they have received from their friends.

6. They educate you about the video production process. If you are new to video production you probably don’t know what any of this stuff is or why we do what we do or why it cost what is does. Look for a company that walks you thru the video production process, beginning to end so there will be no surprises and you understand why you are paying what you are paying for and what the return on your investment will be.

Mike Teeters is a Producer at Fat Dog Video LLC based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fat Dog Video creates internet video for businesses.
Mike can be reached at His website is